Now single, she moves abroad

In New York it is raining. When I left London last week, it was hot. And since London tends to be the world’s poor aunt weather-wise, I thought: well, if it’s hot in hackney it’s gonna be boiling in Brooklyn. (What? You don’t think alliteratively?)

It is not. (Hot, I mean.) Had to take the bus to W’berg this morning (apparently new york types don’t take the bus, preferring to switch up their subway trains ad nauseum because ‘in America buses are for crackheads.’).

Bus was just me and a coupla Hasidim with plastic macs for their fuzzy hats. Now that’s a look the Sartorialist is yet to pick up on.

I am in the Brooklyn Film Fest offices on S 4 street, super near the W’berg Bridge. Last time I was here I stayed with Sebastian Isler, of the Hungry March band – a New York Street band featured in Shortbus – in S. 8 street so I know the area a bit.

It’s just a walk away from the Bedford Avenue hipster strip and a looong stroll away from Manhattan’s Lower East Side. I haven’t made it to the LES yet, but I really love it there.

I go to Katz‘s to vicariously eat a sandwich (I no eat meat) and instead I sniff and buy over-priced Black Cherry Soda. Anyway, not this time I haven’t.

But hey..if it stops raining…


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