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Allergies? Aww, honey!

April 16, 2009

Beer and sexy American freedom, or something

Today I headed to Kensington/Ditmas Park to Vox Pops on Cortelyou Rd.

The lefty cafe had a huge sign on the door saying that the US government has shut the place down because it failed to renew its permit. Nevertheless, while the vegan-friendly cafe is unable to sell shit, it is open as a ‘community space’, so I pitched up with Chabon’s Kavalier and Clay and a pack of non-dairy choc chip cookies purchased from the hippy store across the street.

Remembering what a friend had told me over frozen margaritas on the L.E.S on  Monday about local honey beating local allergies, I also purchased some Vermont Honey from the hippy store. (Vermont was as local as I could get) and some homeopathic pills.

My first foray into homeopathy – I have to melt two green-ass pills (where’s the vivid pink? What do I have that goes with murky sea-green?) under my tongue and think positively. And spoon honey into my mouth. Could be worse I guess…

Progress to follow….


Cough Cool

April 16, 2009
Nature coming achoo

Naure coming achoo

Itchy eyes, tickly throat, sniffly nose, moaning – the inescapable sights ‘n’ sounds of New York in Spring, for both natives and n00bs.

When we previously used to head for a picnic in London Fields or (Hyde Park when I lived in Notting Hill), my lunch date(s) would inevitably discuss the merits of clarityn and how pissed off they were that they’d forgotten their pill that morning.

Blah, blah, blah. I thought. And to my shame, said so. But of course, it took a six-hour flight and the mere breath of an April morning in Brooklyn to get me blocked-up and hack-coughing.

I tried a few generic Loratadine pills (Walgreens’ Wal-itin Non-Drowsy) but, no dice. I headed out to the MET Supermarket on Fulton St and I purchased my first pack of Benadryl .

Beautiful Benadryl – have you SEEN that colour? That hawt  pink matches my nails and my bike and reflect off its components. But sadly, it didn’t do shit, apart from give me a damn headache.

PS. I am this person now

Pretty, but apparently innocuousFYI: Histamine is a substance produced by the body as part of its defence mechanisms. It is stored in ‘mast’ cells. When the body reacts to a foreign substance, the mast cells stimulated by the allergen release their stores of histamine.

The histamine then binds to its H1 receptors, causing a chain reaction that results in the release of other chemicals that add to the allergic response.

All this results in the symptoms of an allergic reaction: inflammation of the nose, eyes, skin or airways and itchy watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing and nasal congestion.

(N.B: Just typing that made me sneeze)

Now single, she moves abroad

April 6, 2009

In New York it is raining. When I left London last week, it was hot. And since London tends to be the world’s poor aunt weather-wise, I thought: well, if it’s hot in hackney it’s gonna be boiling in Brooklyn. (What? You don’t think alliteratively?)

It is not. (Hot, I mean.) Had to take the bus to W’berg this morning (apparently new york types don’t take the bus, preferring to switch up their subway trains ad nauseum because ‘in America buses are for crackheads.’).

Bus was just me and a coupla Hasidim with plastic macs for their fuzzy hats. Now that’s a look the Sartorialist is yet to pick up on.

I am in the Brooklyn Film Fest offices on S 4 street, super near the W’berg Bridge. Last time I was here I stayed with Sebastian Isler, of the Hungry March band – a New York Street band featured in Shortbus – in S. 8 street so I know the area a bit.

It’s just a walk away from the Bedford Avenue hipster strip and a looong stroll away from Manhattan’s Lower East Side. I haven’t made it to the LES yet, but I really love it there.

I go to Katz‘s to vicariously eat a sandwich (I no eat meat) and instead I sniff and buy over-priced Black Cherry Soda. Anyway, not this time I haven’t.

But hey..if it stops raining…

Welcome to America

April 6, 2009

I am in New York – working at the Brooklyn International Film Festival in Williamsburg.

‘Til I get deported…

I had used a pic of a guy in

I’ve been in town since Wednesday and have had some mad (and bad) luck.

Luckily I have landed on my feet and am staying for free at some couch surfing hosts’ house. I came to Brooklyn last in Feb where I met a bunch of great people, so I’m kinda set up for my time here.

Brought my bike here with BA (you can take one piece of ‘sporting equipment’) and my roomy built it up. The lockring slipped during the re-build so I headed to AFFINITY cycles on Grand to get that tightened and now my fixed is fixed!

So, sun was out in force on Sunday. Too wary to ride all the way to Astoria, Queens, I took a mammoth subway ride from downtown Brooklyn to Broadway, Astoria. Me and my old room-mate from Hackney, E. London went to get our nails done (me – hot pink, with the first letter of my first name in white. Her pale sun-goes-down orange) and Red Velvet cupcakes. (Of course).

When that was done, we headed home early as she had to cook for her keep in Greenpoint and I had a date with my bike. (By the by, bike is hot pink to match nails. Or is it vice versa?)

Weather was still super hot. (Short shorts hot)

Me and the roomy headed up to Bedford Ave towards to W’Burg Bridge to find my office. Nice ride there, no probs. The way back was a different story.

We were riding down Franklyn (I think) on the outskirts of BedStuy.

We were going slow and calm, as we have been all weekend cos otherwise I get freaked out by NY traffic, when this cop truck appeared – going the WRONG way down a one way street and on the side of us bicycles.

My roomy hopped up on the curb and I followed him slowly, kind of unsure my tyres would make it up there. Second tyres hit sidewalk the cop car goes: ‘put your bikes up against the fence and stand still’.

We had no idea why. We had just jumped onto the pavement to avoid being run over. Anyway, they asked for our IDs – I didn’t have one me, prompting the response: ‘You’re riding round the projects with no ID? You’s get shot or knocked down, to us you’s just another Jane Doe‘.

I had to bit my lip and stop myself excitedly adding: ‘Like in The Wire??’

But I certainly didn’t say ‘sorry, officer’.

Seriously, they just wanted to fuck wit’ us. They could see we were on the road and that we moved onto the pavement to get out their way, about to rejoin the road once they got the fuck out of the bike path.

They ran our names through the files and obviously found that we have no record. We’re nice kids with flash bikes enjoying a warm night. Like we have records. Set on giving us one, they issued us with a summons and a court date.

I will be in court in New York at 2pm on 10th June. Cop was like: ‘I know this is your first offence but this is a quality of life issues, there;s nothing I can do, I got orders. You now have a summons. I’m sure the judge will throw it out of court’.

You’re sure s/he’ll throw it out of court? THEN WHY DO WE HAVE TO GO?

If I get convicted or whatever I won’t be let back in the country and may even get deported then and there.


Welcome to America.

PS. I had used a pic of a guy in handcuffs above, crediting the photographer, but received the following comment:

‘YOu thanks jsdart for use of photos-
Your are welcome-but you do not have my permission to use my all rights reserved copyright marked images with paying me 25 dollars- the fee I charge to anyone who wants to use my images for web use.
I’m giving you 24 hours to remvoeremove photo other wise-please pay my fee of $25 to juliedermasnky@yahoo- on paypal on line-that is my paypal account.
I turn over all unauthorized use of my work to a collection agency if I get no response.
Julie Dermansky’

So no pic now.