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Allergies? Aww, honey!

April 16, 2009

Beer and sexy American freedom, or something

Today I headed to Kensington/Ditmas Park to Vox Pops on Cortelyou Rd.

The lefty cafe had a huge sign on the door saying that the US government has shut the place down because it failed to renew its permit. Nevertheless, while the vegan-friendly cafe is unable to sell shit, it is open as a ‘community space’, so I pitched up with Chabon’s Kavalier and Clay and a pack of non-dairy choc chip cookies purchased from the hippy store across the street.

Remembering what a friend had told me over frozen margaritas on the L.E.S on  Monday about local honey beating local allergies, I also purchased some Vermont Honey from the hippy store. (Vermont was as local as I could get) and some homeopathic pills.

My first foray into homeopathy – I have to melt two green-ass pills (where’s the vivid pink? What do I have that goes with murky sea-green?) under my tongue and think positively. And spoon honey into my mouth. Could be worse I guess…

Progress to follow….


Vegan Mofo – from the post punk kitchen

October 4, 2008
No you werent mistaken; this is what vegan food looks like

No you weren't mistaken; this is what vegan food looks like

As should be made clear from an earlier post somewhere down the line (here in fact), I’m (sort of) a vegan.

So, that means I worship Isa Chandra Moskowitz; the Brookyln-Jewish vegan chef suprimo.

Isa - all she cares about is punk rock and tofu

Isa - all she cares about is punk rock and tofu

Her website, the Post Punk Kitchen (PPK) is doing this thing called VEGAN MOFO, where a community of vegans around the world (but msotly in the US, I should imagine) blog about cooking vegan 20 TIMES IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER.

I capitalise simply because I only just released what I’ve signed up for. I mean, I cook vegan everyday, but this is mostly a film blog, so whaddamIgonnado?

Well, I’ll try; here goes…

With the husband out at the Bicycle Film festival , I had to cook for one. And, seeing as I’m going out for my dad’s birthday lunch tomorrow I had to use this tofu which was four days over its limit today or never at all.

Since I think tofu is gross unless cooked really well, I remain unsure as to whether its gross-smellingness was a bad thing or not – anyway, I’ve fried it, and I’ve eaten it.

It tasted kinda sour I guess… I’m now paranoid I’m going to get sick – so will keep you posted on that front.

But – that’s not interesting is it? Nobody wants to read that shit….so my vegan MoFoism isn’t looking like it’ll survive for too long….

But, if anyone is interested, can they tell me, does tofu go off? Hubby says it doesn’t, but he didn’t sme’l it and used to eat out of garbage cans when he was a train hopper

Fashion weekend at the Natural History Museum

September 27, 2008
Sorted for Es and Whizz oh and, caffiene

Sorted for E's and Whizz oh and, caffeine

London Fashion Week is over, with all the underfed and over-excited having long since headed to Milan or Paris or wherever for A/W 09 to die its princely death.

But, back in London, the consumer end (London Fashion Weekend, sponsored by Elle) is only coming to its tail-end today; 28th September.

I popped down last Thursday to check out sponsors, Italian coffee supremos Lavazza unveil its new coffee-maker.Modo Mio coffee machine in red (and therefore more expensive I'm told)

Modo Mio coffee machine in red (and therefore more expensive I

The pouring of cappuccino wouldn’t normally see me cycling for half an hour across town from SE1 to W11 (that’s a lot of postcodes and a lot of bridges), but as I’ve said before, (read my blog on soy cappuccino here,) coffee is my biggest vice.

(Rebel that I am).

But, a friend in public relations needed to please her demanding international client, who had asked last minute for journalists to be at a launch event, so I gamely volunteered.

Hubby pretended to be a photographer and we all got into a long debate about price-points, brand comparisons and other such marketing drivel with one of the friendly coffee dudes.

Our usual coffee shop is our local, the legendary Monmouth Coffee in Borough market, so we have high standards. And though I was dubious (your hands don’t even touch the ground beans, in fact, you don’t even do any grinding), the coffee machine passed the taste test.

You pick up a pouch of he stuff drop it into the machine press a button and out comes your coffee. You have to add your own milk. It’s mega yuppie, but mega tasty.

It works out at 23p a cup, which immediately made me suspicious because I’m like: ‘Italian coffee dudes, how are you paying your bean growers on that?’ And also: Why are you creating excess packaging? Like, get on the THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH IF WE DON’T RECYCLE MORE mail shot.’ Geez.

As I was saying to the Lavazza dude, even as a teen I’ve stared lustily and thirstily at their ad campaigns; they tie into everything I like about high-maintenance studio photography.

They have a tangible theme and back-story (I’m unsympathetic to photos without narrative, ask my budding photographer friends who really might as well not ask my opinion on their hazy pics of tables and fag butts) and humangazoid budgets.

Their annual calenders are waited for with baited breath, my fave being Ellen Von Unwerth’s 2006’s airplane theme. (See a host of her shots here.)

Dont fall! Lavazza gives you wings...

Don't fall! Lavazza gives you wings...

Sex sells today as yesterday

Sex sells today as yesterday

The ‘let’s make out in a sea of coffee beans’ advert above is, we’re all agreed, ridiculous, but the pre-revolutionary French decadence below is nice, right?

Coffee And Corsets, not a Jarmusch movie bu a recent Lavazza ad campaign

Coffee And Corsets, not a Jarmusch movie bu a recent Lavazza ad campaign

Kinda like Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Copolla’s Marie Antoinette:

Is it a dress? Is it a wall? Thank God I'm not trying to dress myself in the 18th Century

Is it a dress is it the background? Thank God I'm not trying to dress myself in the 18th Century

Anyway I was also told ‘in strictest confidence’ who the next high-profile fashion photographer will be for the forth-coming calender.

The press is officially told on 14th October, but I feel I should say because aren’t blogs meant to be the place for breaking news? (Wasn’t Bill Clinton found to be schtupping LSE student Monica Lewinsky after a blog broke the story?)

Should I really ask ‘PR permission’ to break a hard-hitting story? Tune in tomorrow for the unmissable sequel ……..! Yeh…right

United Nations says don’t eat meat. Vegans say: ‘Old news, guys!’

September 7, 2008

The UN says that we need to eat less meat to save the world.

Wonderful Richard Linklater made the les than wonderful Fast Food Nation in 2007

Wonderful Richard Linklater made the less-than-wonderful Fast Food Nation in 2007

And I (basically) quote;

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation has estimated that meat production accounts for nearly a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions.

These are generated during the production of animal feeds. Cows emit methane which is 23 times more effective as a global warming agent than carbon dioxide.

Well, duh.

People (hippy types) have been saying that forever.

And, yes it sucks for livery farmers who make their living from rearing animals for food, and for agricultural farmers who make their living from growing grain to feed the animals who provide our burgers, but come on – it makes sense.

I’ll out myself, but I don’t think I need to because what I’m saying is, I think, fair.

La Grande Bouffe - communal eating oneself to death. Oh, those crazy French!

La Grande Bouffe - communal eating oneself to death. Those crazy French!

I’m a ‘crappy vegan’, that is; a vegetarian who believes in veganism but has a hard time living the dream.

Veganism, to quote wikipedia is:

is a diet and lifestyle that seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. Of particular concern are the practices involved in factory farming and animal testing, and the intensive use of land and other resources required for animal farming.

So, no eggs or dairy in your cakes, no silky undergarments in your bedroom and no leather in your shoes.

Vegans dont get off on eggs either, unlike in Juzo Itami's Tampopo (1985)

Vegans don't get off on eggs as in Juzo Itami

My husband is vegan and so are three of my five housemates, so I am a happy vegan at home, but let me loose in the world and I’ll devour practically anything.

Rebel Without A Cause  - James Dean considers the ethics of milk production, maybe

Rebel Without A Cause - James Dean considers the ethics of milk production, maybe

I’ve tried soy cappuccinos, but, really, I’d rather give up coffee. (My biggest vice).

And, when I attend posh meals for work-related stuff, I just can’t ask all those annoying vegan questions.

“Does this have rennet in it?”

“Does this contain lactose?”

“Has this sugar been refined with animal bones?”

I just can’t – I wasn’t brought up that way.

I don’t barf at the sight of fois gras and was eating ‘balsamic caviar with strawberries’ for desert at a high-rolling casino in Montreal just a few months ago.

Not being a barfer makes it hard to share the sense of outrage that unites a lot of vegans.

Barf-o-Rama, Stand By Me (1986). I wish there was a vegan pie-eating contest! Were too niche though...

Barf-o-Rama, Stand By Me (1986). I wish there was a vegan pie-eating contest! We're too niche though...

It’s tough because, in one way I see asking those questions as being ungrateful for what you’ve got.

My parents were brought up in post-war Europe, one in England and one in Germany; they didn’t refuse food and naturally they don’t expect me to either.

Eating all you can - its the Deutsch way, as seen in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Eating all you can - it's the Deutsch way, as seen in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

And, yet, on the other hand, I know that if I don’t ask people in the food industry those questions, they are unlikely to even consider obtaining animal-free food products.

They cater for demand in relation to financial viability, asking variations on the question – “If I prepare deserts with agave nectar instead of sugar, at a greater cost to myself, will there by enough interest for me to recoup my costs?”

The more they perceive a demand, and at least, hear that consumers are opting out of traditional meaty meals or questioning their omnipotence, the better, right?

Here’s what today’s Observer has to say:

People should have one meat-free day a week if they want to make a personal and effective sacrifice that would help tackle climate change, says Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

His comments are the most controversial advice yet provided by the panel on how individuals can help tackle global warning.

I guess we’re keeping cannibalism on the back burner for a bit, til the credit crunch bites harder…

Delicatessen - cannibalism replaces veganism as the fad diet of choice

Delicatessen - cannibalism replaces veganism as the fad diet of choice

Joe’s apartment? Nope, mine.

August 25, 2008

I woke up late this Bank Holiday Monday morning. (Stayed up til way too late watching The Wire)

Went into the kitchen at 12 noon and didn’t leave until, what is it now? 6.35pm

And why? Because we finally decided to do something about our acute infestation of Indian meal moths. They fucking beasties are everywhere; they can even nibble their way through cardboard and plastic bags to get to your Special K, or whatever.

Roaches in Joes Apartment

Roaches in Joe's Apartment

Says wikipedia:

After larvae or moths have been found, it is important to throw out all grains, dried fruits, and any other food source that is not in a very tightly sealed container. The moths are able to get into surprisingly tight spots, including sealed bags and Tupperware containers. The food they infest will often seem to be webbed together. They are also notoriously difficult to get rid of. They also crawl on ceilings.

When seeking the source of an infestation, do not limit your searches to the immediate area where pupae are discovered.

Indian Meal Moth

Indian Meal Moth

As a vegan household, we tend to shop in hippy co-op stores. So, we’re blaming them.

UK regulations mean companies have to spend loads making sure thier produce isn’t moth-filled. But our food comes in plastic bags from God knows where so, baby moths have been born in our food -fucking us completely.

Roaches - Joes Apartment

Roaches - Joe's Apartment

The lavae, which are icky gross worm things, are born on the ceiling and just hang out there til they fly into your food. Ewwww. I’m feeling itchy just writing this.